In relation with the contemporary art, the city represents a material. The aesthetic transfer is made by the museums, galleries and alternative spaces.
The physical investment cannot be a conceptual one from the beginning. It must be connected with the context, atmosphere, discussions, solutions and impressions. Unfortunately, museums often lack the required affectivity, whilst galleries vanish the artist’s capacity to work freely.
Alternative spaces are the only ones adapted to the genuine artistic practice.
To facilitate the progression from the classical institutions to the experimental spaces, there is a need of places that embody the qualities of a museum and the experimentalism of alternative spaces.
The ideal solution for a city full of art is the „kunsthalle”, a place which takes in consideration the values of a museum but has the ability to function freely.
Besides the social, political and aesthetic dimensions of a city, a kunsthalle brings a new dimension of utopical expansion.
Kunsthalle Bega will include from the start this utopical expansion, however it will also experiment with the contribution of the visual aspect to the social cohesion of the city.

Kunsthalle Bega is a project initiated by Alina Cristescu together with Liviana Dan and Bogdan Rața through Fundația Calina.